Reduced Pressure Zone Valves (RPZ Valves) are devices that protect your drinking water against contamination caused by the backflow of water.

When water enters your home from the mains water supply, it should only ever flow in one direction – into your home. However, sometimes the water can flow backwards and seep back into the main water supply line. When this happens, the water can become contaminated with:

This is where Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Valves come into play!


An RPZ valve offers one of the highest forms of protection against back siphonage. It acts as a break between a wholesome (e.g. drinking water) supply & a potentially contaminated water source (e.g. heating). Should the pressure in the wholesome (drinking) supply drop lower than the pressure in the contaminated (heating) supply then the valve will automatically divert the contaminated supply to a drain outlet rather than allowing the harmful water to back flow into the wholesome supply.

We provide a range of RPZ Valve services including:



Plumbing & Gas Solutions Ltd has been supporting Milton Keynes since 2010, and our highly-skilled team has over 50 years of experience. On top of their skills, they are also equipped with all of the necessary qualifications to support you.

Our engineers possess the Type BA Verifiable Reduced Pressure Zone Device Testing qualification, meaning they are trained and qualified to carry out RPZ Valve Installation, Servicing, Commissioning & Testing to the highest industry standard. With the largest team of commercially qualified engineers in Milton Keynes, we can provide RPZ Valve installation to organisations in Beds, Herts, Bucks, Northants.


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